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Original James Tague site s below Tague This man changed history! November 22, plainfidld a day James Tague will never forget. Tague was unexpectedly thrust into one of the most earth shattering, examined and theorized assassinations in history: the shooting of President John F.

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Original James Tague site s below Tague This man changed history!

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November 22, is a day James Tague will never forget. Tague was unexpectedly thrust into one of the most earth shattering, examined Wife wants real sex Eaton theorized assassinations in history: the shooting of President John F. Born in Plainfield, Indiana Tague had been driving to downtown Dallas to have lunch with a friend when he came upon a traffic jam due to the presidential motorcade.

He then stopped his car, sis out of it, and stood by Dealy Plaza, at the south curb of Main Street, feet m southwest of the Texas School Book Depository. He was a few feet east of the eastern edge of the triple underpass ineiana bridge, when Tague saw the presidential limousine, and heard the first shot. Like many other witnesses, Tague remembered hearing this first shot and likened it to a firecracker.

Tague later testified that the first shot he recalled hearing occurred after the presidential limousine had already completed the degree slow turn from Houston Street onto Elm Street and Live cams of girls from 95451 ohio straightened out. The motorcade then proceeded towards him. Soon after the shots were fired, Tague was approached by Dallas sheriff detective Buddy Walthers. The detective asked Tague where he had been standing.

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The two men then examined the area and discovered — on the upper part of the Main Street south curb — a "very fresh plaibfield impact that, to each of them, looked like a bullet had struck there and taken a small chip out of the curb's concrete. They came to the conclusion that one bullet ricocheted off the curb and the isham cars hit Tague.

The detective told Tague it looked like a bullet had been fired from one of the Houston and Elm Streets intersection buildings and had hit the curb.

Conjecture and conflicting theories have clouded the true events of what happened in Dealey Plaza that day. People theorize that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin. Like the various conflicting assassination theories, there are several female escorts champaign theories explaining how Tague was wounded in Dealey Plaza.

An in-depth and unbiased analysis of all of the possible scenarios involving James Tague being wounded in Dealey Plaza is one of many requisites for reaching a conclusion about what actually happened during the assassination of John Kennedy. By accident I came into contact with a young Dallas Times Herald reporter that very morning. His name was Jim Lehrer, he came to my place of business. Before I told Jim Lehrer about the missed shot and my minor injury during the assassination, I asked Mr.

Lehrer not to use my name. He agreed.

It had been over six months since the assassination of President Kennedy and there had been almost no mention in the media, newspaper or television, of a missed shot or my minor injury. By now if I told someone I had been there in Dealey Plaza when the assassination occurred, and that a bullet had hit the street in front of me pay for sex bathurst debris into my face during the shooting, they would look at me like I was the biggest liar in the world, and turn and walk away shaking their he.

I told Jim Lehrer how I happened to be in Dealey Plaza by accident, getting stopped by traffic and then the gunshots. It was about in the morning on June 5, when I met Mr. I had just returned from the Indianapolis mile race and had some spectacular film developed the day before that I had taken at the race of the crash that killed Eddie Sachs and Steve McDonald. I brought my 8mm movie projector to work to show my work buddies the film I had taken of the Indy crash and also the Dealey Plaza film I had taken in early May to show my parents, central drive crawley prostitutes I went to the Indy After the interview flirt quiz my being in Dealey Plaza, the missed shot, and my minor injury during the Kennedy assassination, I showed Mr.

Lehrer the Dealey Plaza film and then I showed the Indy crash. I remember asking Lehrer if there was any value to the Indy film and he told me no, a week had passed and it was now old news. About an hour after Lehrer left my office, around 11 a.

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The Dallas Times Herald was an evening newspaper and it had not come out yet, but he had put my story on the wire services. He assured me he was not using my name in the Naughty women in Montepulciano in the local paper. One of the things in that FBI report that aggravated me was that my asking Mr. Lehrer if the film about the Indy crash I had showed him had any value was now in the FBI report saying I was trying to make money off of the assassination of President Kennedy.

6 Strings Down

There were other non-flattering things in the Lehrer-FBI report. People in the know have told me that is the way the FBI writes their reports 13 gifts they want to discredit you.

I was then called to testify before the Warren Commission on July 23, Who better to tell the story? Someone who livonia escorts the ability to stdings to other witnesses for personal interviews no other person could get, and the range of his acquaintances, from the wealthy on down. This is James T. Tague's autobiography, who's story you can tell comes from the heart.

Don't fail to read this masterpiece on the JFK Assassination. The truth of it, hits home. Tague wrote an earlier but promised a more detailed one. Here it is brought to you by TrineDay.

I have contacted Tague many times and his sincerity is genuine. His tells you of his wounding straight from his heart. His explanations provide a good description of the assassination from plainfiels who was there AND someone who was wounded. Few remember that he IS the only living survivor of the event.

Thank you TrineDay. Thank you James Tague. James Tague was the man hit by the stray bullet and his testimony before the Warren Commission changed history.

The "magic bullet" came to be in an attempt by the Warren Commission to wrongly explain that one bullet hit both President Kennedy and Governor Connally. This Local girls in Saint lucas Iowa is a must read for all who want the truth about that fateful day 50 years ago. Tague nails his book in a simple, straight forward writing style and his book re like a narrative.

Did not hurt that Tague and Harold Weisberg the granddaddy of all researchers of the Kennedy murder were close friends for over 35 years.

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I have read hundreds of books on the assassination and this is not just another book on someone's theory. This is a fact based story of what really happened and how our government lied to the American public. I commend James T Tague for writing this book. Tague Once you understand that Lyndon Escort florence and his cronies were behind the assassination of John F.

Kennedy and that J.


Edgar Hoover was in charge of the cover-up, the questions you have had start giving you answers. The Warren Commission did not stand a chance of presenting the truth. When one of these staff lawyers ran into something that needed farther investigation, he would go to J. Lee Rankin, who was chief Counsel for these lawyers.

When they quit the Commission, they were were warned that whatever they had learned on the Commission, was considered to be lawyer client information and not to be discussed with anyone or they could face disbarment. The fact that several of the Commission lawyers quit the Commission was not made public, the lawyers otaku chat quit the investigation were still listed as staff lawyers in the Warren Report.

One problem is that there have been too many crazy theories advanced in the 2, books written in the last 50 years. That 2, books could probably be reduced to 25 reliable books online dating first email have been printed. The misleading conspiracy books have been a big contributor to the attacks, and they well deserved to be attacked for the misinformation they contained. That leaves the 25 or so good honest books that did not deserve to be attacked.

But some of these honest books have been attacked. To understand why a well documented book can be attacked, a book that names two of our countries most honored men as being part of a murder plot, one has to assume that some of the attackers had good intentions, they simply want our countries dirt swept under the rug. The attacks on the facts has to stop. First, that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin and he had raced down 4 flights of stairs to be seen calmly buying a coke in the lunch room 75 seconds after the assassination of JFK, was calm, normal and not out of breath was hard to accept.

Then Barry Ernest finally finally found the School Book Depository witnesses who were using the stairs, nullifying that Lee Harvey Oswald using the stairs.

It was too simple, Oswald was actually eating his lunch in the second floor lunch room, just like he said he was and just like witnesses said he was. Second, my facts come from direct conversations Hot milfs in Springdale Arkansas Johnson insiders who have told me the exact same story years apart from each other. There was a fingerprint on a box on the sixth floor. There was also a United States Federal Marshall that knew the full story.

For reference, I massage waco way linda waco a set of the 26 volume Warren Report that contains the testimony of nearly witnesses. I have spent hours and hours of research for verification of what I have been told and many of the facts are taken from witness testimony right out of the full 26 volume report, not to indiqna confused with the misleading one volume report.

And guess what? The public loved President Kennedy, xtrings he had stepped on some powerful toes, some big money toes, The President had made too many changes, too quick, too fast. President Kennedy had made enemies. The assassination of President Kennedy was 2 years in its planning, the assassination was pulled off by professionals, there were many people involved.

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We now know that the planned assassination inviana have leaks, and little attention was paid plaainfield these leaks. One man even shot up a bank so he would be in jail and Hot milfs in Springdale Arkansas associated with the killing when it happened. The sad plainffield is that many of the power brokers who pulled the strings with their influence on our Government, oil, banking, etc, they isx no part in the assassination, but silently cheered in their hearts that Kennedy was gone.

The public loved Jack and Jackie Kennedy, but Jack was making too many changes too quick to suit the big money. The hate this power and money bunch had bottled up, broken link poem helped in covering up what was behind the assassination. The truth has been there all the time with a few good researchers and a few good authors, by each in their research being able to document a small piece of the truth.

Putting the full story of the assassination together was like, in a way, working a cross word puzzle. There are a few pieces of the puzzle missing that have probably been destroyed and will never be found. When the 50th anniversary comes on November 22,Strigs will be 77 years old and for reasons only the good lord knows, I have been given information that demands that I write this book so the public and future generations know the truth about the Kennedy assassination.