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Origin[ change change source ] The word "squaw" comes from the Algonquian languageswhere it means "woman. However, many linguists, for example Ives Goddard of the Smithsonianthinks this is not so and "squaw" came from the regular Massachusetts word addicted to molly for "woman.

Some people sesy Indigenous communities think "squaw" is offensive. According to members of the Nooksack Tribal Council, Native Americans in general see "squaw" as an insulting word.

When white colonists moved west, they used words like "squaw" even when they were talking about women whose tribes spoke languages different from Algonquian. It became a generic word.

They used them for sex. When they called the women "squaw," they used it in a way that showed that they saw those women as sex objects and not human beings.

Over time, the word "squaw" came to mean a woman who was dirty, sexually abused, violent, fit only for mindless work or some group dquaw these. Francis and D.

Merskin, the squaw is the second most common stereotype of Native American women. The most common is the Indian princess.

The two stereotypes work as a pair. The princess was imagined as beautiful and sexually well-behaved.

The squaw was imagined as ugly, dirty and sexually available. They pretended the suqaw were full of lazy men who forced women to do all the real work.

That way, they could make it sound like wiping out the culture of Native Americans was a good thing. However, there are still many places where the word is in the name. Campbell Dam after an engineer.