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Pros and ex-cons

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There are 0 reviews and 0 ratings from Australia Top reviews from other countries Gollond 1. This movie has the camera work, lighting, and dialogue of a b-rate skin flick. The conversations are horrible and unbelievable, not because they are outrageous, but because they are too simple and not plausable. Many of the actors look, and act, dtf girls they belong in the 5th or 6th spin ajd of American Pie.

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Throughout the film I liked the story and especially liked the moments where there was humour thrown in to take away that this is a comedy and not a real action movie.

I thought most of the acting was superb. I personally thought 2 of the 3 actors did a very pdos job. They had the perfect chance to show off playing a slacker but ruined it. The performances of Fink, Able, Willing and Jesse were my personal favourites.

They really hit the mark. They were absolutely perfect! It was all in all a good movie with some actors pgos in the acting ability.

It's not your typical Hollywood rip off. It's something else!

There's something about Australian film which distinguishes prod from any other film made outside of Australia. They have their own style and often show you the different perspectives of the characters and what really happened.

Full of twists and a real surprise! Was this review helpful to you?