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By Kristine Fellizar May 23, When someone says they need a ton of attention chat with japanese people their partner in order to be happy, to some, that's a attentino red flag. But needing attention in a relationship doesn't necessarily mean you're "needy. There's nothing wrong with either. Knowing just how much attention your partner needs in order to feel safe and secure in your relationship is important to keeping them happy. Who doesn't want that?

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If you're dating an Aries, the solution is pretty simple.

That's because they like to constantly be reassured. If you're someone who likes oLnely in touch with your ificant other throughout the day, a Cancer is perfect chat sites for free you. If you're involved with a Cancer, making it a point to verbalize how you feel about them is super important.

They like receiving that validation. For instance, even if you say "I love you" right before bed, it wouldn't hurt to say it first thing in the morning as well. That's typically what you get when your is ruled by xttention Sun.

If you're dating a Leo, you might have witnessed how much they love being the center of attention. It's a win-win for everyone.

So it's no surprise that balance in their relationship is essential for them to be happy. As an air element like Gemini, Mckean says, communication is essential.

If you're dating a Libra, just know that they're known for being huge flirts. So as Tripp says, "Don't take it personally if you see them charming others.

However, they can get relationships space little possessive and obsessive if they feel like their efforts aren't reciprocated. Scorpios can be very closed off.

That's because they're very protective of their hearts. Once they let you in, it's a huge deal. If you're involved with a Scorpio, take comfort in the fact that they are one of the most loyal s in the zodiac.

All you need to do to keep them happy is to be completely honest with them. Taurus, for instance, can be considered "demanding" for some, but since they're earth s, their needs tend to be more practical and reasonable.

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