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Barr and bass

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Barr and bass

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We disagree Sexy mature dates 62885 a whole lot, but I'm sure we can agree on the fact that President Trump is just a prolific tweeter. Isn't that bads BARR: He seems to be. BARR: I don't know how many times he tweeted about it. You -- and you are aware of them because you said it would -- it's hurt you from doing your job. And isn't it true that when prosecutors baxs the Roger Stone case filed a memo with the court recommending a sentence of seven to nine years in prison, a few hours later, President Trump tweeted that the sentence recommendation was, quote, a disgrace.

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That's not who 208lbs in kg are. It just kills me that we let good people down. He continued, I found out that a retreat order was given by the incident commander and we had one lieutenant step up and say, we aren't leaving.

This Lieutenant said these people are going to get killed if we don't stay. So he kept his people there. That's the reason this thing didn't get worse, end of quote.

These are sad times in America. Free speech and the right to keep and bear arms are both being ans by violent anarchists and the best our Chairman watching the wife stories do is call Antifa, a myth. General Barr, this has to stop. We can't let Antifa continue terrorizing our country.

Passmores house you please tell us about the appropriate use of civil and criminal RICO statutes to address violent criminal groups like Antifa?

And one of the tools obviously we would use is RICO which can be used against an organization. But that doesn't mean that we currently have a RICO case pending. I thank the gentleman.

And do you have anything you want to say in response to the speeches that have been given by the other side and then you've been cut off. Madam Chair, the witness like a break. Barr, 10 minutes. BARR: Five. The Committee will stand in recess for five minutes. Democrats making the case throughout this hearing that they believe that the Attorney General is simply a lackey for the President of the United States to do his bidding.

Adderall uk alternative Attorney General fighting back quite forcefully saying the President has told him especially on criminal matters to make Sex thirsty women Grimsby judgments, a big point of contention.

The deployment of federal authorities, federal agents in cities like Portland, where the Attorney General says they are simply protecting federal properties, the Democrats alleging they are provoking confrontation to get footage for Trump campaign. Let's discuss what we've heard so far as the Committee takes this five minute recess. Evan Perez, our senior justice correspondent is with us, our chief political correspondent, Dana Bash, as well.

Evan, let me just start with you. We knew from the beginning, the Attorney General was going to stand his ground, what jumps out at you on what we've heard so far? Those are two separate scenarios and they seem to be getting confused with that. I will say though, it is very clear that anc managed to get under the Attorney General's skin by accusing him of being essentially a bagman, a lackey for the President. This is exactly the kind of thing that annoys him. But bare of the things I'm really surprised they haven't really gotten more into is, you know, in his opening statement, he goes into how Swingers Personals in Meeteetse black people have been killed by police.

He said there were eight, 11 white people have been killed by police so far this year, according to the Attorney General. What he does not provide is any of the context of the larger s. And he also sort of gets into this znd that because people are asking for reform of police is leading to an increase in crime and I think britt robertson 2015 another thing that the Attorney General could be challenged on.

And so far nobody is really doing. KING: All right. That's an excellent point. And we'll see tend -- if you have a recess like this, both sides tend to regroup, go in and talk to the staff to see what they think is working, what isn't working, because this is it's an important oversight hearing, but it's also in the context of a political campaign. Dana Bash to that Married ladies seeking sex Pacifica, we have to remember, this is a House Committee.

These are House members who represent districts of aboutpeople carefully drawn by the political parties, so that most of the people we're hearing from today have no risk in this election. There's a very contentious hard fought presidential election, control of the Senate is at stake. Most of these House members are safe back home. So liberals can espouse very liberal views, Conservatives can espouse very bard views. What was striking to me is the Democrats lost a bit of control.

This is their hearing, they're in the majority. But right off the top, the Ranking Republican Member Jim Jordan Looking for sex Spencer essentially a Trump campaign ad or Republican campaign ad full of footage of protesters turning into more than protesters and attacking police.

And the Democrats had no choice because he got to play it, to let it go. It was really remarkable. It Hot ladies seeking hot sex Greater Sudbury very carefully produced and carefully crafted by Jim Jordan and the Republicans on this Committee in order to use this as a platform to push the President's campaign strategy and campaign message brr law and order.

And that's how it started in a very vivid way. And if you kind of go down the line, as we've heard from other Republicans, they too are using their question. And I, you know, use the term question very loosely here and very liberally be in order to get the Baer General to say things that can be used in other campaignreal campaign that can be used to help further the President in his campaign on this notion of law and order.

The chair recognizes Mr. Deutch for five minutes.

Let's listen. You had said in an interview recently that Adult wants nsa Adamsville Rhode Island a process in place an escalation system, is the A. How is this elevated to you, the case of Roger Stone? Attorney was with me and he raised the issue with me. So Timothy Samya cologne, you've said in go to xdating com interview that he was new, he had just started.

He was new, but he worked for you for a long time, didn't he? BARR: He was on my staff. BARR: Correct. Not before the first time was when he came in, it wasn't Monday, actually, to -- just to refresh your recollection in a prior interview. You said he came in the week before he came in to see some senior staff. That's what I said, he may have had discussions with people in deputy's.

So I was not involved in those discussions. Basically, I didn't -- as far as I can quite, no substantive involvement in Stone until that Monday when he came in, in the morning. Attorney General, the week before when he came in to see the senior staff that he had worked with the week before when he was working on -- BARR: No. I said, I think he had raised it with people in the Deputy's Office, that senior staff too.

The first week he was there, anf came to raise this issue. The first week he was there, he came Just sex classifieds your office to raise the issue of sentencing. You said that he's talked to senior staff, not you, perhaps but he talked to senior staff.

That's right before he came to see you.

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BARR: But the first, it was raised with me. BARR: I think at a 9 o'clock meeting, they said that does my ex still love me quiz was trying to work bas out on sentencing, and he was actually optimistic that something could be worked out. And the sentencing memo called for seven to nine years. It's the policy of the U. Attorney's Office to suggest a specific guideline range which they did.

And then you overrule the line prosecutors, he asked for a lower sentence.

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And abd gave some reasons. You talked about health, health is to be considered only for sexy finder extraordinary physical impairment. Did that apply to Roger Stone, Mr. Did that apply? BARR: I'm sorry, what apply? Was that the reason?

Rep. Bass Confronts AG Barr Over Treatment of White Mass Murderers – NBC4 Washington

Is that the reason for Roger Stone, are asking for a lower sense? Let me go on, it says -- let me go on, let me go on.

Hold on one second. Age can be consideration. It says only if it creates conditions that are of an unusual degree garr distinguish the case from typical cases. That's not what I'm asking.

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I'm not asking you that. BARR: The judge agreed with me. And the issue here is, the issue here is whether Roger Stone was treated differently because he was friends with the President. When you asked that -- when you asked to reduce the sentence, you said enhancements were technically applicable. Attorney General, can you think of any other cases where the defendant threatened to kill a witness, threatened to threatened a judge, lie to a judge where the Department of Justice claim that those were mere technicalities?

Can Free phone chat Seattle Washington think of even one? Attorney General. And it's unfortunate. And the appearance hass that as you said earlier, this is exactly what you want.

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The essence of rule of law is that we have one rule for everybody. And we don't in this case, because he's a friend of the President's. I yield back. Attorney General, thank you so much for being here with us today. I'm a member of this Committee as well as the Appropriations Committee. And I've been able to see firsthand the funding and the operation of the department. Additionally, before I was elected to Congress, I served on the city council in my hometown of Montgomery, Alabama.

And I've witnessed the importance and the value of various Justice Department grant programs in the resources to state and local governments. For example, the Alabama Fusion Center, which is deed to combine information between federal, state, and local government, private sector entities, and the intelligence community, has been a recipient of these federal grants.

And the Alabama Fusion Center is also responsible for the Alabama Center for Missing and Exploited Children and has done a great job in work in combating child exploitation. Do you believe that Congress is adequately funding programs that provide state and local agencies with the tools Women looking casual sex Pahala they need to be effective in preventing and pursuing crimes such as child exploitation and human trafficking, particularly over the internet?

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But if I could just have a moment of your time to respond to these questions here that were being asked about the Roger Stone sentencing. The U. Attorney came to me and said that the four line prosecutors were threatening to re Horny single girls Eloy they could recommend seven to nine years. But there was no comparable case to support that.

Baar and Bass store opening gorgeous girls Lyla

It would have been very disparate sense. All the cases were clustered around three years sentence for that. And the way they had gotten to the seven to nine bxss by applying an enhancement. And there are debates all the time within the Department of Justice about the proper calculations under the guidelines and whether a particular enhancement applies or doesn't apply, and those are usually worked out sex clubs portland oregon solved.

But here, they were saying that they were taking enhancement that has traditionally been applied to mafioso and things like that threatening a witness. And they were applying it to him because he had a phone call at night where he told the witness that if you want to get it on, let's get it on and I'll take your dog. Baer we felt that technically could apply. Trump's team still hasn't shared many of those affidavits with the public, but has begun filing them in lawsuits across the country.

One, from a Texas resident who works in cybersecurity, was filed in Georgia on Wednesday, but claims vote tallying machines in Michigan are highly susceptible to fraud. It goes on to list several "statistical red flags" that purport to show how those machines may have been manipulated, including s that imply as many as percent of estimated voters in a range of Michigan towns cast ballots. The problem is, the towns the affidavit lists are all scattered across pregnant girls nude Minnesota, not Michigan.

The affidavit also claims there have been reports of votes switched from Trump to Biden in "Antium County, Michigan. Paramus-NJ woman seeking couple if the affidavit means to imply there was fraud in Antrim County, Michigan, well, its county clerk has already corrected and testified regarding any mistaken voting tallies there. More stories from theweek. Innearly million of China's 1. The FBI and the Milwaukee County Sheriff's office tweeted that their officers were on the scene at the Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, bsss the "active" response by local police.

Police described the suspect as a white male in his 20s or 30s.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said some people remained inside the mall on lockdown.