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Aquarius man scorpio woman

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Aquarius man scorpio woman

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Yes, as a matter of fact I know a happy Scorpio-Aquarius-couple. Almost never apart, not even during the day since his retirement. Actually the Scorpio sometimes complains she cannot go anywhere alone, without Aquarius-man following her around. Still holding hands Housewives wants real sex Hampton all these years; they do rub each other the wrong wojan now and then, and then they discuss it out, and hug and make up.

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You don't need his birth time to tell his Venus, Mars and Moon.

You can also look at how the transpersonal planets- Neptune, Latin singles connection and Pluto-interact with these personal planets. This is also very telling of what kind of Aquarian he is as not all Aquarians are the same.

For instance I know an Aquarian with a Venus in Aqaurius singleton it doesn't make close aspects to his sun-unless you are looking at his chart from florida chat whole point of view. He enjoys his apce but is not uncomfortable with the idea of commitment.

Another one has his Sun sqauring Free sex photos very closely and he comes off as very intense and serious. He also has his Saturn and Uranus squaring his Venus. His ex described him as very aquaeius and tyrannical.

Aqua does not function on the level of true honesty. I birthed one, I was involved with one.

They can not emote so they would rather not. Honesty opens them up to possible emotions, and they would rather not go there.

Like I said, I am highly Aquarian, Socrpio get them I hate to use the term "lie" but it is what they do very well, just to protect themselves from the emotion thing. Again I say to let go not as to play a game, but be prepared, when you finally do let go, they aquariux come back, just an energy thing. It is like this Aqua jumps on his starship He stops off for fuel and a bite Adult singles dating in Tipton, Oklahoma (OK). eat.