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Giveaway: MobiKin Doctor for Android (Windows Version) for FREE

Deleted data like contacts, messages, etc. on Android phone? Lost some precious photos unconsciously? Don't worry. MobiKin Doctor for Android is here to help you get back all kinds of lost, deleted data on Android devices within clicks.

Website: https://www.mobikin.com
Download: mobikin-doctor-for-android-3.0.24.exemirror
Licensed email address: giveawayoftheday@mobikin.com
Registration key: C800036E5972088090602162237859387D1029A2BAD38650197AB88A


Giveaway: abylon LOGON 16 Priv. Version for FREE

abylon LOGON lets you guard against unauthorized computer access using a physical key, such as a smart card, removable media, or a CD.

With abylon LOGON, you don’t have to worry about remember login passwords if you don’t want to – just insert the physical key into the computer, and boom, you’re logged in! Remove the key, and boom! You’re logged out. Prying eyes and data thieves have no chance to get into your stuff.

Website: http://www.abylonsoft.com
Download: abylonsoft_logon-16.00.2_PrivEd.exemirror
Registry key: 00EN-989EA15C-5EFB13415B-L16V0

Time limited deal/s

Get abylon LOGON 1 License v16 with 50% discount
Get abylon LOGON 3 Licenses v16 with 70% discount
Get LOGON SSO Pro 1 License v16 with 50% discount
Get abylon APP-BLOCKER with 50% discount
Get abylon BACKUP-TUBE with 50% discount
Get abylon BASIC Easy CRYPT with 50% discount
Get abylon CRYPT in the BOX with 50% discount
Get abylon CRYPTDRIVE with 50% discount
Get abylon CRYPTMAIL with 50% discount
Get abylon ENTERPRISE with 50% discount


Giveaway: Abylon SHAREDDRIVE v16.00.2 Private Version for FREE

Encrypted file clipboard for multi-user access in networks.

The encrypted file clipboard abylon SHAREDDRIVE is shown in the File Explorer on the desktop level and protect your secret files. The complete integration into the Explorer environment simplify using of the software. The encryption and decryption with the AES algorithm is done for each file operation automatically in the background. The file-based structure allow the simultaneous access of several users and reduce the backup data transfer volume.

Website: http://www.abylonsoft.com
Registry key: 00EN-989EA15C-6B1A1CA3E4-L16V0

Buy abylon SHAREDDRIVE – 1 license with 50% discount
Buy abylon SHAREDDRIVE – 3 licenses with 70% discount
Buy abylon ENTERPRISE with 50% discount
Buy Abylon APP-BLOCKER with 50% Discount

5 Euro discount for Abylon Software
abylon BASIC [Easy CRYPT- and ZIP-Collection]

abylon ENTERPRISE [Professional security and encryption solution]

abylon CRYPTMAIL [Encrypting and signing of Emails; incl. Outlook AddIn]

abylon KEYSAFE [Easy to use password management]

abylon LOGON [High secure and comfort through automatic Windows login]

abylon SHAREDDRIVE [Encrypted file clipboard for multi-user access in networks]

abylon SHREDDER [Delete files and digital traces irrevocable]

abylon CRYPTDRIVE [Container-based, encrypted drive for files and programs]


Giveaway: Abylon Backup-Tube v16.00.04.2 Private Version for Free

abylon BACKUP-TUBE lets you backup and sync files on a manual or automated basis, safeguarding important and sentimental files.

With abylon BACKUP-TUBE, you’ll be able to easily overcome cases of accidental deletion, hard drive crashes, or malware attacks by restoring from exact duplicates of files and directories.

Website: http://www.abylonsoft.com
Download: backuptube2017_16.00.04.2.exemirror
Registry key: 00EN-989EA15C-A1B68ABD80-L16V0

Time Limited deal/s
Buy abylon BACKUP-TUBE – 1 license v2017.1 with 50% discount
Buy 7 App's from abylonsoft (Over 75% discount compared to the single prices)
Buy abylon BACKUP-TUBE – 3 licenses v2017.1 at a 70% discount


Giveaway: Ashampoo Office Version v12.0.0.959 for FREE

The new Ashampoo Office Free offers everything you need to work with documents, spreadsheets, presentations and many other office related tasks! The extensive Ashampoo Office Free suite contains Ashampoo TextMaker, Ashampoo PlanMaker and Ashampoo Presentations.

Website: http://www.ashampoo.com
Giveaway: link
Download: ashampoo_office_free_24760.exemirror


Giveaway: Abylon Backup-Tube v15.60.04.1 Private Version for Free

Backup and synchronize files manually or automatically.

The computer serves as a huge data store for documents, pictures and videos. These documents often typify an enormous sentimental value. Through accidental deletion, hard drive crash or a malicious software that data can be irretrievably lost. But the annoyance by such data loss can be avoided. The software abylon BACKUP TUBE creates exact copies of all files and directories. The backup or synchronization job can be done automatically or start manually. Intelligent routines speed up the backup process and reducing the amount of data. Only changed or new files are copied to the backup store. In the case of sync-jobs also deleted or renamed files in the source directory will be changed in the destination directory. This leaves the data backup always up to date and simplify the file restoring in the worst case.

Website: http://www.abylonsoft.com
Download: backuptube2016_15.60.04.1.exemirror
Registry key: 00EN-99138873-668EBCF9BA-T15V1

Buy BACKUP-TUBE – Free Upgrades with 70% discount


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