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Giveaway: IObit Uninstaller 7 for FREE

Powerfully & Quickly uninstall programs and malicious & ad-based plug-ins with IObit Uninstaller Pro.

Website: http://www.iobit.com
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IObit Uninstaller is a uninstall tool that can completely remove applications from your hard drive, with none of the usual Registry clutter and junk files that are often left behind.

The cleanup process has two stages. First, you launch the unwanted application's uninstaller and let it do its work. And second, IObit Uninstaller's “Powerful Scan” option checks your Registry and hard drive for leftovers that the program might have been left behind. These are then displayed for your approval, and you're able to delete anything the program has discovered in a click.

IObit Uninstaller additionally provides a “Forced Uninstall” option, that you can use to remove a program if the original uninstaller no longer works. It works well, though of course can't be guaranteed to uninstall everything, so you should only try it as a last resort.

And the program also doubles as an easy way to review and manage all your installed programs. It's faster than Windows own Control Panel applet, for instance, and includes several useful views that will give you a quick look at particular installation types: “Large Programs”, “Recently Installed”, “Infrequently Used” and more.

It's just as easy to uninstall Windows 8 or 10 apps, even the default ones. Enable “Batch Uninstall” and you can remove them all with a click.


Giveaway: Ashampoo UnInstaller 5 for Free

Ashampoo UnInstaller 5 removes all traces of no longer needed applications, cleans and improves your system performance. It removes orphaned files and registry entries, redundant registry entries and cleans drives.

Website: http://www.ashampoo.com

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Download: ashampoo_uninstaller_5_24512.exemirror

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