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eBook: Mastering Linux Security and Hardening for FREE

A comprehensive guide to mastering the art of preventing your Linux system from getting compromised.

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This book has extensive coverage of techniques that will help prevent attackers from breaching your system, by building a much more secure Linux environment.

This eBook will help you:

Use various techniques to prevent intruders from accessing sensitive data
Prevent intruders from planting malware, and detect whether malware has been planted
Prevent insiders from accessing data that they aren’t authorized to access
Do quick checks to see whether a computer is running network services that it doesn’t need to run
Learn security techniques that are common to all Linux distros, and some that are distro-specific
By the end of this book, you will be confident in delivering a system that will be much harder to compromise.


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Watchdog Online Security Pro works alongside your existing antivirus software by adding an essential layer of security to protect your computer and identity from emerging threats such as identity theft and online banking fraud. It focuses on protecting your computer from malware and also protecting your identity through the use of advanced technology.

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