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Giveaway: Wise Registry Cleaner Pro 9 for FREE

Clean registry junks, repair Windows errors, and keep your PC at peak performance.

Website: http://www.wisecleaner.com
Download: WRCSetup_ihaveapc-
Download: Wise_Registry_Cleaner_Pro_9.5.3.623.exemirror
Download: Wise_Registry_Cleaner_Pro_9.5.1.621.exe
Download: Wise_Registry_Cleaner_Pro_9.45.617.exemirror
License: Pre Activated, Lifetime, no upgrades, no support. Also, if you have a previous giveaway installed then license will not work, first fully remove old giveaway.


Giveaway: Black Bird Registry Cleaner v1.0.1.1 for FREE

Keep your PC at peak performance with Black Bird Registry Cleaner!

Website: http://blackbirdcleaning.com
Giveaway: link
Download: BlackBirdRegistryCleaner.exe
NOTE: 1 year license. Only minor upgrades. With tech support.

What Is a Registry Cleaner?

Its purpose is to keep your Windows Registry tidy, efficient and help applications to run without a hitch.
But What's the Registry?

The Registry though, is just a kind of hierarchal database, storing varied information on the Operating System and installed components.
Why you need to use Black Bird Registry Cleaner?

Once your Registry has been cleaned up, you will likely notice a performance boost and any error messages you saw whilst using your computer previously will be gone.
The Registry Cleaner will remove entries for non-existent applications, and it'll also fix invalid or corrupted entries. You find your computer starts much more quickly too!

Keep your PC at peak performance with Black Bird Registry Cleaner!


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