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Giveaway: Macrorit Partition Extender Pro 1 for Free

Macrorit Partition Extender Pro provides the latest technology to effectively manage your hard drive and storage partitions.

Website: http://extendpartition.com
Download: extender-pro-1.4.2.zip
License Key: 4AF356FF1630035BF6290C2978B262C9451F0E1849F8471B2A36

Extend system volume with unallocated space
Of course, you can still use unallocated space to extend the partition that is running out space, you can use the default Disk Management to shrink a large partition and create unallocated space for C Drive extending, which is never possible in Disk Management, but in Partition Extender, you can directly merge the unallocated space.
Extend C Drive (system partition) without unallocated space
Partition Extender is able to extend partition without unallocated space that is required in Disk Management, it will automatically use the free space from the partition next to it when you drag to handle to extend, so if you don't know how to create unallocated space, Partition Extender is the best solution to solve low disk space problem.


Giveaway: NIUBI Partition Editor Pro 7 for FREE

NIUBI Partition Editor Professional Edition is a partition software for Windows. An all-in-one disk partition management toolkit.

Website: https://www.hdd-tool.com
Download: NPE_pro.zipNPE_pro-7.2.2.zip
License Key: BB7DA1AACC8ADB62F42F122F72B69A89DC67D6518EA3B1B184D6

As the safest partition manager software, NIUBI Partition Editor Professional Edition helps shrink, extend, merge partitions to optimize disk space without losing data. Fix file system error and defrag partition to improve computer performance. Scan disk to check bad sectors, copy partition to migrate data, create, delete, format, hide, active, convert, wipe partition and much more.


Giveaway: Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Pro v5 for FREE

Partition Expert provides powerful features that enable users to extend system partition, resize move partitions, create, format, delete partition with ease.

Website: http://www.macrorit.com
Download: mde-pro-setup.zipmde-pro-setup-5.3.2.zip
License Key: 2EEF52FB1A3C0D53E35CC17F82A5968BB68EDD68B3

Main features of Partition Expert

Convert MBR to GPT disk without data losing
Convert NTFS to FAT32 without losing data
Wipe free space/unallocated space
Shorten the loading time, added splash
Convert Primary partition to Logical without data loss and vice versa
Support to resize FAT partition and change cluster size
Support to resize FAT32 partition up to 2TB
Support to format large FAT32 partition up to 2TB
Support disk larger than 2TB, full support 512Byte/1K/2K/4K sector size
Partition surface test and Check hard disk; copy partition, migrate OS to a new hard drive


Giveaway: IM-Magic Partition Resizer Pro v3.5.0 for FREE

Resize partition spaces without reformatting disk and reinstalling OS!

Website: http://www.resize-c.com
Download: resizer-pro-setup-3.5.0.exe
License Key: CB4DF15BBD9AB08CA282A794EF48EC54E27DAC86FB35035FF647

Resize Disk Volume without losing data -Redistribute disk space for free
Extend any partition without data loss? Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free, the free partition magic software to help expand, move, shrink, and merge partitions without destroying the data. It only requires a few clicks from you to command the program move the fences to rearrange the disk partition territory and keep your files untouched. 100% of successful resizing! (Portable/Bootable CD is supported in Resizer Pro and Resizer Server. )


Giveaway: NIUBI Partition Editor Pro v7.0.7 for FREE

NIUBI Partition Editor Professional Edition helps you resize existing disk partition fast, safely and easily.

The built-in Roll-Back Data Protection technology is able to roll back the computer to the status before resizing automatically when any hardware issue occurred. Your Operating System and all data keep intact during the whole process.
Website: https://www.hdd-tool.com
Download: NPE_pro-7.0.7.exemirror
License Key: E454F650A6A1B38BA69E83B0F334180B5AEA5AD40A27350D58E2
This key can be registered before January, 26 (+8 time zone)


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