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Giveaway: QILING Disk Master Pro v4.3 for FREE

QILING Disk Master Professional is an all-in-one data protection program for your computer.

QILING Disk Master Professional offers a variety of features — including drive/partition/system backup & restore, drive/partition/system copy/move/resize, hard drive health monitoring, virtual disk, secure disk, and RAM disk — that help you with different aspects of data backup, protection, and security.

Website: http://www.idiskhome.com
Download: QILING_Disk_Master_Pro_4.3.exemirror
License key: 0ND07-BT81K-A2792-8BLFB-MF6RX


eBook: CSS Master: Organized, Efficient, Powerful-CSS Done Right! for FREE

This book is for intermediate-level CSS developers, as it assumes a fair amount of experience with HTML and CSS. No time is spent covering the basics of CSS syntax.

Coverage of CSS concepts such as the box model and positioning are included to illuminate tricky concepts for the experienced developer. They're not meant as an introduction for beginners. Experience with JavaScript/DOM Scripting is helpful, but not necessary.

Download: w_sitb42.pdfmirror


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