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Giveaway: Macrorit Partition Expert Server Edition v5.3.7 for FREE

As partition magic Windows Server Manager software, Macrorit Partition Expert allows Server users resize partition on Server 2016/2012/2008/2003, 32-bit and 64-bit without data loss.

Website: http://macrorit.com
Download: MacroritPartitionExpertServerEdition537.zip

Macrorit Partition Expert Server is the newest and greatest Windows Server partition magic software which performs best disk partition management and keeps 100% data intact. It Resizes Server partition easily when low disk space problem happens and maximizes Server performance with the unique built-in technologies:

✔ Cancel at will Technology
✔ Roll-back data protection Technology
✔ Faster Data Moving Algorithm
✔ Intelligent Disk Defragment
And it minimizes server downtime to increase the efficiency of Windows Server administration on both MBR and GPT disk

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Giveaway: Solveigmm HyperCam 5 Home Edition for Free

HyperCam 5 – Easily capture screen activities, movies or games

Website: http://www.solveigmm.com
Giveaway: link
Download: SolveigMM_HyperCam_Home_Edition_5_1_1811_27_Chip.exe

HyperCam may be used for grabbing a movie or game, for recording Skype calls and has also been recognized as an excellent tool for creating video presentations, tutorials or demo clips. Stylish, intuitive and user-friendly interface, pre-defined hot-keys for recording actions, built-in video editor, comprehensive text-notes workflow, multiple settings command line interface, can be installed on portable devices, small installation size and a more than affordable price is what makes HyperCam 5 a must-have tool.


Giveaway: Silver Key Standard Edition v5.1 for Free

Silver Key encrypts user data and creates an encrypted parcel, which can safely be sent over the Internet. The parcel may contain a file, a group of files and folders, or just a confidential message.

Website: http://www.kryptel.com
Customer ID: 2718-72415-7393
Download: SilverKey-Std-5.1.exeSilverKey-Std-5.1.portable.zip

Silver Key is a file encryption program that encrypts files or folders and produces encrypted parcels, which can be safely sent over the Internet. Silver Key parcels are self-extracting and don't require the recipient to have any cryptographic software installed. You can also specify additional action to be performed during decryption, such as creating a shortcut to the decrypted file, or opening the file using the associated application.

If you need to send sensitive data over the Internet you should encrypt it first. But what about the other side? The recipient will probably not like the idea of buying and learning some software just to decrypt your file. No problem here if you are using Silver Key.


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