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Discount: Audio4fun Mother’s Day 2018 – 35% OFF

As Mother's Day is coming close, Audio4fun now offers buyers 35% OFF for ALL our PRODUCTs (except Media Player Morpher PLUS – is discounted 85%).

Voice Changer Software Diamond – Price: $ 99.95 – $ 64.97
Voice Changer Software Gold – Price: $ 39.95 – $ 25.97
Voice Changer Software – Price: $ 29.95 – $ 19.47
AV VoizGame – Price:$ 29.95 – $ 19.47
Music Morpher Gold – Price: $ 99.95 – $ 64.97
Music Morpher – Price: $ 29.95 – $ 19.47
Video Morpher – Price: $ 49.95 – $ 32.47
Webcam Morpher – Price: $ 49.95 – $ 32.47


Giveaway: Audio4fun Media Player Morpher Plus v6.2.1 for FREE

Media Player Morpher is an All-In-One application that supports almost all audio/video formats.

Website: https://www.audio4fun.com
Download: media-player-morpher-6.2.1.zipmirror

Buy Audio4fun Media Player Morpher PLUS with 85% discount
Buy AV Voice Changer Software Diamond with 30% discount
Buy AV Voice Changer Software with 20% discount
Buy AV Voice Changer Software Gold with 20% discount


Giveaway: Audio4fun AV Music Morpher Gold v5.0.59 for FREE

AV Music Morpher Gold is the ultimate music editor that can provide all the needed mixing features you will ever need.

Along with a well-designed user interface, the program promises to turn any humble PC into a fully fledged recording studio with easy-to-use yet powerful audio tools.

Website: https://mp3-player.audio4fun.com
Giveaway: link
Download: AVMusicMorpherGold5059.zipmirror

Time limited discount
Buy AV Music Morpher Gold with 30% discount
Buy Voice Changer Software Diamond with 60% discount

How to activate


Discount: Audio4fun 40% OFF

Valentine’s Day is here and it’s time to let your heart do the talking. But wait, is a day enough? We guess the heart have much more things to say. So audio4fun decided to extend the celebration to a month. At Audio4fun, you will get more time to express love to not only your lover, but also your family, best friends and colleagues.
Discount: link


Giveaway: Audio4fun AV Music Morpher Std v5.0.59 for FREE

AV Music Morpher is music gear that is convenient and versatile, yet cost-effective for music lovers. It is a resourceful multi-channel music mixer that enables you to edit any number of channels for surround sounds.

Website: https://mp3-player.audio4fun.com
Download: music_morpher_5.0.59.exemirror
License Key: 5URBiN4cb42YjO7

Time limited discount
Buy AV Music Morpher Gold – Lifetime upgrades – 70% OFF

How to activate


Giveaway: Audio4fun AV VoizGame 6.0.61 for FREE

AV Voizgame is a cool, specialized voice changer that definitely will take your in-game communication to a whole new level.

It works perfectly in real time and is compatible with most VOIPs, voice chat systems and game platforms, including Steam, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo and many more.

Website: http://www.audio4fun.com
Giveaway: link
Download: AVVoizGame60.zipmirror
Name: Any
Email: giveaway@net-load.com
Serial Number: 5Zm8bABu1IYaHv0


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