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Giveaway: SafeDNS Web Filtering Service 1 Year Subscription for Free

SafeDNS is a web filtering service that offers everyone an efficient, easy-to-use, and inexpensive way to maintain complete control over web access — including blocking malware, restricting access to types of websites you pick (e.g. pornography, violence, alcohol, smoking, etc.), monitoring and managing kids’ online activity, and limiting time for web surfing.

SafeDNS service ensures faster and safer web connection for your computers, devices (smartphones and tablets), and entire network. Our filtering service allows customers to decide when and what online content should be accessed and add layers of protection against botnets, malware and phishing attacks.



Protect up to 3 home networks on single account
Protect all your Internet-connected devices & computers
Protect your computers off the home network with SafeDNS Agent
Protect your network from botnets, phishing and malware websites
Easy configuration via any IP or dynamic DNS service
Fine tune your filtering with three filtering profiles and black/white lists
Block unwanted ads (banners, context, video, pop-ups)

Giveaway: link
Promotional code: topwaresale
Download: SafeDNS-Agent-Setup.exe


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