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Giveaway: iObit Driver Booster Pro v3.2 for Free

Driver Booster 3 helps you find rare and newly released windows 10 drivers including but not limited to audio driver, network driver, graphics driver, chipset driver, and more from over 3000 driver factory brands.

Download: driver_booster_setup_Pro.32.exe
License Key: 12338-B0E1A-FBDD5-F29B3



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Giveaway: Abylon APP-BLOCKER v2016.3 for Free

After logon under Windows, the computer starts many applications (APPs) automatically. The most time these processes for the user are not visible. A lot of APPs monitoring the computer, checking for updates or running periodic tasks. Any launched application requires a portion of the processing power, memory and slows down the computer. The software abylon APP-BLOCKER shows all applications clearly in a treeview, like the entries in the startup menu and registry, as well running services and processes. One click is enough to disable or remove the APP permanently.




Giveaway: link
Download: appblocker2016.3.exe
Name or CD-Key:

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abylon BASIC [Easy CRYPT- and ZIP-Collection]

abylon ENTERPRISE [Professional security and encryption solution]

abylon CRYPTMAIL [Encrypting and signing of Emails; incl. Outlook AddIn]

abylon KEYSAFE [Easy to use password management]

abylon LOGON [High secure and comfort through automatic Windows login]

abylon SHAREDDRIVE [Encrypted file clipboard for multi-user access in networks]

abylon SHREDDER [Delete files and digital traces irrevocable]

abylon CRYPTDRIVE [Container-based, encrypted drive for files and programs]


Giveaway: Filter Forge 4 Pro for Free

Filter Forge is a program allowing computer artists to use and build their own filters – seamless textures, visual effects, distortions, patterns, backgrounds, frames, and more. The key features of Filter Forge include a visual filter editor and a free online library of over 11,000 user-created filters to which anyone can contribute. It works as a standalone application or as a plugin under a number of hosts.

Giveaway: link
Download: FilterForge4Setup.exe

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Giveaway: AquaSoft SlideShow 8 Premium v8.6.03 for Free

Create stunning shows in three easy steps; Imagine. Create. Share. With SlideShow 8 Premium you can quickly and inexpensively create an appealing photo/video show. Captivate your audience with exciting video shows that are unlike others, neither stale nor boring. In a hurry? Use the integrated SlideShow-Master, a guided Wizard that helps you every step of the way: select images and video clips, add background music, choose a pre-defined style template.

Giveaway: link
Download: SlideShowPremiumSetup8603.exe


eBook: Instant PHP Web Scraping for Free

With the proliferation of the web, there has never been a larger body of data freely available for common use. Harvesting and processing this data can be a time consuming task if done manually. However, web scraping can provide the tools and framework to accomplish this with the click of a button. It’s no wonder, then, that web scraping is a desirable weapon in any programmer’s arsenal.
Download: w_pacc02.pdf


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