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How To Create an Amazing blog in 2019!
How To Create an Ecommerce Website – WooCommerce 2019!

WordPress for Beginners up to Advanced!
zycoo ip pbx (Asterisk Base)
Mastering Arduino From beginners To Core Advance
Learn Basic SVG
A Complete Guide to Coworking & Remote Working in Asia
Интенсивное погружение в JavaScript
Como Estudar Inteligentemente
Synthetic Intelligence : Learning GIT with Github and Gitlab
Introduction to Vyatta (vRouter)
Complete C++ Course: Learn Hands On Practically
Exception Handling in Python 3 – try, except, else, finally
Master English Speaking ( Level 2 )
Curso Básico de Linux
Aprende Microsoft Office Word 2019 – Nivel Básico
Create a Wix Website in 1 Hour
Learn Photoshop Tools From Scratch
Visual Studio Code y Sublime Text: Sé rápido para codificar
Java EE 8: De Cero a Experto (EJB, JPA, Web Services, JSF)
Angular y Java EE: Conviértete en Java Full Stack Developer!
The Art of Breathing
Design Modern GUI Apps in VB.Net-for Left to Right Languages
How To Become Successful In Every Aspect Of Your Life
Learn Advanced CSS3
Introduction to archiving with Veritas Enterprise Vault
Fundamentos Python: estudando no Android
Creative careers in design
Easy watercolor painting- night sky galaxy manga portrait
Ultimate Time Management – BEST Time Management Course
Facebook Lead Ads MASTERY (Customer Acquisition on Facebook)
Cisco Data Center Architecture
Make Extremely Viral Apps – with Firebase App Invites
PROCRASTINATION: A simple guide to pass procrastination
Beginning Screenwriting made EASY. Learn screenwriting NOW!
Bluegrass Guitar Essentials: Webisodes 1 & 2
Success Strategies for the Modern Student
Microsoft Access Quick 30min Tutorial for Absolute Beginners
A Gentle Introduction to Machine Learning Using SciKit-Learn
Youtube SEO :How TO Grow On YouTube in 2018
quantitative aptitude
Organic Chemistry: How to Build People
Intermediate SQL Course
How I generate a boat load of leads using social media
Malware/backdoor Hacking for beginners
Python Game Development – Create a Tetris with PyGame
Node Package Manager's Masterclass
Javascript Engine & it's Important component Masterclass
Make Extremely Viral Apps – with Firebase App Invites


Giveaway: UniPDF Pro Expert v1.3.1 for FREE

Standalone and easy-to-use, UniPDF performs high-quality conversion from PDF file to word document.


Since it was introduced a couple of years ago, the portable document format (PDF) has been one of the most preferred formats for sharing files and storing information. Although it is mostly preferred for sharing documents on the internet, the fact that it cannot be edited can be really annoying and frustrating; especially if you want to modify a piece of information from a PDF report instantly or print certain pages from a PDF document. This is why an effective PDF to Word converter is required. While there are many PDF to Word converters in the market today, most are not as effective as they should be,due to their slow conversion rate, tendency to ruin the original design of the document and inability to convert from PDF to more file formats

“UniPDF” is an easy to use PDF to Word converter with 20 UI languages and a lot of advanced features to help convert PDF documents to your preferred formats easily and conveniently. It is the perfect PDF to Word solution.


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Zortam Mp3 Media Studio – Auto tag & organize your Mp3 collection!

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Buy Zortam Mp3 Media Studio Pro with 60% discount

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio is all-in-one Mp3 application suite. It has several modules such us Zortam Mp3 Auto Tagger, Mp3 Organizer, ID3 Tag Editor, Mp3 Player, Volume Normalizer, BPM (Beats Per Minute) Analyzer, CD Ripper, YouTube To Mp3 Converter, Mp3 to Wav converter.


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How to contribute to an Open Source Project
I segreti di Google Amazon e McDonalds per pagare meno tasse
Electronics: AC & DC Analysis of DiodeS

Critical Path Method (CPM) Calculations
Achieve a Perfect SENSE OF RHYTHM; Course for All Musicians
Adobe Muse – Full Website Tutorials From Start To Finish
Blissful Real Estate Investing
Autocad Civil 3D Tutorial Paso a Paso
Startup Growth Hacking: 19 Actionable and Advanced Tactics
Play YOUR Favorite Songs: The Guitar Super-Course (2019)
Ultrasonic Testing Level 1 Training
Internet Marketing Success
WordPress + Elementor + Gabarits = Site Web – Code – Stress
✔ Curso Excel – Introducción Práctica a Tablas Dinámicas
Aplicaciones de Google Drive
The Essential ArtRage Guide | An Artist's Tutorial
Learn Level Design: Unity Basics in Under 2 Hours
Project Management Essential Training
Understanding Bitcoin & Where To Invest In the Crypto Trend
Teaching Adults in the 21st Century
Convert Image to Vector in Adobe illustrator
How You Can Master the Fundamentals of Transact-SQL
The Complete jQuery Course : From Beginning to Advanced
Google Ads 1 to 1 SKAG method for Search Ads
TikTok for Beginners: Discover the new social media


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Arduino Projects for Beginners (Complete guide with Proteus)
iBeacon development for iPhone
C# for absolute beginners! Step by step guide…
C for absolute beginners! Step by step guide…
Python Complete Course From Scratch To Software House Level
Absolute beginners best practices in C++ programming in 2019

Java for absolute beginners! Step by step guide…
30-Day Yoga Reset and Transform Course
Simple Facebook Ads For Local Businesses (2019 Edition)
YouTube Advertising for Beginners
Introduction to LibreOffice Writer – Tutorials for Beginners
Guía Básica de Markdown
Make Your First Leather Cardholder From Scratch
How to FAQ the coder's brain?
Want to GROW with Google managers? Rush!
Interview strategies: your strengths and weaknesses
What makes a team effective at Google?
The ART of Attraction
Guide to understanding and assessing personality
Water level indicator with Tank status checker (PIC16F877A)
Forex Trading For Beginners: Technical Trading
Curso NodeJS – Crea tus Aplicaciones RESTful
How to Change Your Thinking & become more Positive
Learn Advanced JavaScript
Windows 7/10 Computer Support Course- Users & Helpdesk Staff
Public Speaking for Authors 101
Flextrim Fitness 3 – Gentle Stretching
Comprehensive: Online Business and Marketing 50 Courses In 1


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C++ Programming Language
RoboAuthor: Content Writing Automation 2019 – Part 1
Outstanding photoshop effects simplified
Yoga – Essential Background Knowledge

Relationships or Love Lost : Anger And Grief Healing
Learn Instrument- Keyboard/Piano P2- Advanced Chords/Scales
Double Your Assertiveness, Confidence & Communication Skills
The environment in El Salvador.
Instagram 2019- A Guaranteed Blueprint to 100s of Followers
Computer Science and Programming: Beginner JavaScript
How to Make an Online Store w/ WordPress – eCommerce Website
The Advanced HTML5 Bootcamp
17 Business Planning Mistakes You Should Avoid
ARKit & SceneKit Fundamentals
Beginners Guide to Selling Products Online
Bible Virtuosity
Certified Network Marketer (Network Marketing & MLM Mastery)
An Intro to Software Testing: Ultimate Guide for Testers


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Background encryption to protect sensitive data against unauthorized access with AES or Blowfish.

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Download: abylon_CRYPTDRIVE-18.10.3-PRIV.exe

With abylon CRYPTDRIVE you can easily create virtual, completely encrypted drives. Thus, all files and programs on this drive are protected against unauthorized access.

Encryption with the Blowfish (448 bit) or AES (256 bit) algorithm
Network-enabled container-based, encrypted drives
Only open drives are visible
Access permissions via password, external device, or certificate
Files stored on your computer can fall into the wrong hands in many ways. The only remedy is sufficient encryption of the data. The abylon CRYPTDRIVE provides a simple way to create encrypted drives, called containers. Through the encryption with the Blowfish (448 bit) or AES algorithm (256 bit) the files and programs stored on the drive are protected against unauthorized access. Only when the drive is opened can it be accessed via the File Explorer. Encryption and decryption take place automatically in the background. As a secret to open the drive, either a password can be entered via the keyboard, a smart card, a CD or a USB stick can be used. The combination of password and medium is also possible to defend against keyloggers.

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