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When you surf online suing your browser, or when you use any of your Windows applications, Windows automatically stores all your tracks including cache, cookies, location bar history, autocomplete memory, index.dat, IE plug-ins, recent documents, Windows search history, Internet download history, Start menu run history, open or save history, Windows temporary files, recent played Internet location, video and sound files in the registry, E-mails in your mailbox, chats in your Instant Messaging programs, etc. The track history can be easily accessed by others who use your computer intruding into your privacy. They can see where you have visited on Internet, what images, documents, movies and music you have seen or listened to, and even everything you have done on your computer! Amigabit Privacy Cleaner focuses itself to protect you!

With simple on click, Amigabit Privacy Cleaner will run a complete scan on all areas on your computer to find out all privacy risks, and with another click, Amigabit Privacy Cleaner will help you out of all of these treats instantly by removing the detected cache, cookies, history, typed URLs, autocomplete memory, Windows temp folder, run history, search history, download history, open or save history, recent documents, chat history including AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and more.

In addition, you can customize your privacy cleaning task as schedule by setting a start time manually.

System Requirements
Supported OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Minimum Requirements: Internet connection (for license activation), 256 MB of RAM, 120 MB of free hard drive space
Language: English, Chinese, Deutsch

Download & Try it!

Click Here to Buy Saving 7.91 EUR
Validity: until 2014-08-31

Click Here to Buy Saving 6.59 EUR
Validity: unlimited

Click Here to Buy Saving 5.49 EUR
Validity: until 2015-02-10

Click Here to Buy Saving 5.49 EUR
Validity: unlimited

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